Charles Barth

Intaglio Prints

Charles Barth lives and works in Oaxaca, Mexico. Charles creates symbolic figural studies of real and fictitious characters. He is fascinated with Mexican culture, and he has a strong interest in art history and often incorporates historical art images and symbolism. On first glance the subjects may seem ominous, but upon closer inspection one can see the humor and reverence that the artist uses to portray his characters. His etchings involve images from Mexico and popular cultures such as Kitsch, current fads and fashions, pop stars, TV images, films, rock   music and disco. The images are expressed in a "fantastic" style and are abstracted, exaggerated and satirized.

Using a three color etching process, he creates images that are colorful and full of pattern and detail. He is interested in color and light and tries to express the "brassy" sights and sounds of the environment. The end result involves bright or garish colors, exotic images and feeling of light moving over the surfaces.